Pheromones: how do they work and what do they do?

Table of content
1. What are pheromones?
2. Pheromone experiments
3. How are pheromones detected?
4. Classification and types of pheromones
5. But do human pheromones really works?
6. Functions of human pheromones
7. Types and effects of synthetic pheromones
7.1 The most used synthetic pheromones
8. On what occasions is it better to use synthetic pheromones?
9. What if you dare to attend a pheromone party?
10. Beware of false pheromones
11. Tips for using perfumes and pheromone concentrates
12. Increase the production of pheromones naturally.
13. Science research behind pheromones
14. Pheromone perfumes tricks to apply

Do human pheromones really transmit information? Several studies over the years have shown that we can still unconsciously receive signals and messages sent by human pheromones.

There is a great mystery about pheromones and whether their effect is real or not in the individuals of each species. To find out if real pheromones can act unconsciously in our brain, the first thing to do is to understand what they are, what types there are and how they work. It is also important to know if the products with synthetic pheromones that we find in the market work really or not, as for example the perfumes with pheromones as it is the case of the Phiero range.

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical substances that are secreted by living beings (almost all animals and plants) and that have the ability to send messages and direct signals to the receiving brain to generate different actions and responses in other individuals of the same species, with the sole objective to communicate and produce concrete social behaviors. Many species of animals and plants use chemical messages as a means of communication and send, through them, codes of conduct to other individuals. Pheromones can be considered similar to blood hormones, but the body emits them outward and influences the behavior and psychology of those around us.

To be more specific, the term pheromone derives from the Greek words pherein and hormone, ie, transport and stimulus (stimulus transporters). Scientifically pheromones are considered as chemical messages and, as happens with fingerprints that are unique and unrepeatable, each human being also has its own smell (pheromones) that differentiates it from the rest, even if it is imperceptible to the sense of smell.

As for the history of pheromones, these substances were first discovered in the nineteenth thanks to the French naturalist Jean Henri Fabre. He observed that male moths could fly several kilometers just to visit a female, which he had kept in his laboratory. Fabre was sure that the female moth secreted some kind of chemical compound that unconsciously attracted males. In 1956 the first real pheromone was found, which came from these insects mentioned above, and it was determined that the females used it to attract and seduce the males of their same species. They called it “Bombykol”, and were able to travel long distances to the male insects to meet the females and it worked satisfactorily even though the segregated amount was minimal.

Pheromone experiments

But the pheromones would not be defined scientifically and completely until 1959 when doctors Karlson and Luscher had already done previous studies in some animals. A short time later, people wanted to know if human beings were capable of producing pheromones as well; so in 1974 Dr. George Dodd discovered the first human sex pheromone and there was a torturous discussion that lasted several years, because those who opposed the existence of natural pheromones made advances in scientific research become much slower and difficult.

It was in 1986 when Dr. Winnifred Cutler, founder of the Athena Institute, and her team, carried out the first studies about the action of pheromones in humans because before these facts it was not even clear if people secreted pheromones really or not. Therefore, it took almost 3 decades until it was firmly concluded that humans were able to segregate and react unconsciously to pheromones, as do other animal species, and that this influence is much stronger than it is. I thought at first since we have a complete chemical system of sexual communication.

Although it should also be noted that, many years before all these studies were carried out, the German doctor Gustav Jäger (1832-1917), was undoubtedly the first scientist to present the idea of human pheromones. He even called them anthropins. He claimed that these chemicals were compounds associated with the skin and follicles and that they were unique and personal to each individual according to their own body odor. Obviously, after many decades had to pass so that this premise became a reality and began to investigate firmly on the existence and functioning of pheromones in humans.


How are pheromones detected?

In the case of mammals, such as humans, pheromones are detected through the vomeronasal organ (OVN) or Jacobson, which is located between the palate and the nasal passages but is not visible to the eye. This mystery was solved a few years later (1990-2000) by the anatomist David Berliner, who discovered this small organ investigating the process of detection of pheromones.

The vomeronasal organ was known more than a century ago, but it had never been given much importance since it was said to be a rudimentary and useless nasal structure that had lost all its function during the evolution of humans. But Berliner and his specialized team gave a new point of view to the OVN since they checked and could demonstrate that yes it continues working like the receiver of pheromones, but that is separated of the sense of smell.

About the history and discovery of pheromones has been long written and even legends are known as the one that says that during an experiment in a laboratory, a vial with extract of pheromones was broken and all the contents poured on the clothes of an investigator.
The anecdote arose when the investigator, on his way home, noticed that the women he crossed the street stared at him with much more intense than usual. Since then, the goal of the cosmetic industry has been to meet the demands of customers and to bring to the market products with pheromones that favor the sexual attraction between individuals.


Classification and types of pheromones

As we have explained before, most plants and animals use pheromones unconsciously to communicate with each other. In general, these chemical substances can be organized into 5 main classes:

  1. Pheromones initiators: they are the pheromones that provoke in the recipient individual a variation of the current hormonal balance.
  2. Pheromones releasing: these pheromones are able to send chemical codes to produce specific behavior patterns in the receptors and trigger an immediate response, such as sexual attraction.
  3. Informative pheromones: in this case, chemicals can transmit information about the sender to the recipient, such as age, sex or health status, among other information.
  4. Priming pheromones: they are the pheromones that take longer to obtain the response and can influence, for example, the development of the physiology of reproduction (menstrual cycles, puberty, fertility, etc.)
  5. Modulating Pheromones: This kind of pheromones can alter or synchronize some of the bodily functions such as menstrual cycles. In general, modulating pheromones are found in sweat particles.

In turn, the 5 kinds of pheromones can also be grouped into different types according to their function:

  • Alarm: these pheromones are mostly known in insects and are used to warn of the presence of enemies or to inform if a zone is not safe.
  • Marking territory:  it has been proven that these pheromones can indicate routes, food sources or even areas that are favorable and safe to lay eggs.
  • Social Aggregation: this type of chemical helps to gather females and males of the same species in a specific place. In this sense, an intruder would be easily recognized.
  • Signalization and recognition: they are used to attract other insects of the same species to the places they frequent the most. In addition, they help to recognize other individuals according to their social stratum.
  • Inhibitory or dissuasive: are those pheromones that manage to drive away other individuals and inhibit their approach to some places. These pheromones are widely used today, for example, to control pests in plantations.
  • Contracting: insects, such as ants or bees, use this type of pheromones to socially define all members of a group. Thus, all members will be kept under the same orders and recruitment will be easier.
  • Morfogenic: they are the pheromones that affect the physiological processes that are related to the development and the behavior, as well as the maturation and the growth of the reproductive apparatus of some insects until reaching the sexual maturity.
  • Sexual and aphrodisiac: in general, these pheromones are the ones that favor the pairing and increase the sexual desire in different animal species.

Pheromones that still have their function in humans are the latter since it has been able to prove its effectiveness as a means of sexual attraction. That is why most scientific studies have focused on investigating the impact of these pheromones on men and women, both heterosexual and homosexual. It has even been observed that some compounds in sweat extract from women’s armpits can cause a synchronizing effect on the menstrual cycles of women who spend a lot of time together or live in the same household.

But if we talk about insects, for example, we can explain more broadly what the action and reaction of pheromones in these animals.

The first test or study was done in 1959 (when pheromones were discovered) and since then, thousands of pheromones in insects have been identified. Some of the current uses that they are granted are in relation to pest control, that is, in the phytosanitary area. Pheromones have attraction or repulsion properties that can help us control insect pests so they do not cause crop damage, for example. The process is simple, it is only necessary to identify the structure of a certain attraction pheromone in a specific insect and synthesize it in a laboratory to then cheat and place them on the plantations to catch the small invaders. Some insects are able to detect pheromones of attraction to more than 20 kilometers, so this solution is totally effective to keep the crops in perfect condition.


But do human pheromones really works?

Several scientific studies claim that there is an involuntary response of humans to pheromones, even in very small concentrations.

The vomeronasal organ can detect these chemicals even if we are not aware of it. Although the truth is that there is some controversy on the subject since there has been a global debate on the methodology used in these studies, as well as their conclusions. Therefore, it can be deduced that there is no definitive consensus within the scientific community, but that most reports are favorable about the existence and function of human pheromones.

As for the myths and truths of pheromones, we can clarify that:

  • Like sounds, smells (or in this case pheromones) can change the mood of a recipient.
  • The pheromones can help to conquer the desired person, but it is always much more favorable that there is a small previous attraction since not all people are equally susceptible to the power of these chemicals.
  • The products with pheromones that are sold in the market to help to trigger an attractive effect, since, although they are synthetic pheromones, they work in the organism in the same way as natural pheromones.
  • Pheromones do smell, normally intense, although we are not always able to detect it.


Functions of the human pheromones

Humans, in particular, secrete certain types of pheromones unconsciously that are interpreted by other individuals automatically. For a long time, the sense of smell has been one of the most underestimated senses, since it was assumed that sight and verbal language prevailed as behavioral indicators, even going so far as to affirm that the human being had a very little developed sense of smell. However, the various scientific studies carried out in recent years have again questioned the importance of this meaning and, consequently, of pheromones.
For humans, we can highlight especially the sex pheromones, such as androstadienone and estratetraenol. Androstadienone is found in the male armpits and in semen and is capable of increasing the level of cortisol, the hormone that activates the sympathetic nervous system. For its part, the estratetraenol is present in urine and female genitalia.

These two pheromones develop during puberty and are used to identify the sex of the other individual while activating the hypothalamus: the first of them (androstadienone) does so in heterosexual women and homosexual men, and the second (the stratetraenol) in heterosexual men and homosexual women.
And is that human beings have a complete chemical system of sexual communication since pheromones are the basis of the so-called love crush, that immediate attraction or special connection with another person that arises without giving us hardly notice. But courtship in humans is more complex than in animals, so it is logical that other social and visual cues, apart from pheromones, also have an influence. These are the most important factors that condition sexual attraction between people:

  • Physical attraction: this factor is perhaps the most important because if there is no physical interest in the other person, it is unlikely to be able to maintain a relationship in the short or long term. The physical attractiveness is based on the beauty criteria that we usually have prefixed in the brain, even if unconsciously, and are usually conditioned by society to a greater extent and by fashion. We tend to select physical similarities, that is, people who have physical features according to our idea of beauty, what can complement us and make us happy.
  • The psychological appeal: this type of attraction is very different from the physical because it is automatically natural that we attract people who meet certain fertility criteria. Likewise, this attraction can be given unconsciously, since we usually choose healthy individuals and have a good genetics. Without being aware of this, all people perform a morphophysiological analysis to the individuals we know for the first time.
  • The gestual or behavioral attractiveness: not everything is beautiful, that is why there are often cases where we ask ourselves “what does that person have that makes her so special?” Without understanding very well why we are also attracted to the looks, the ways of walking, the sympathy, the sound of laughter … that is, the whole body language and spoken. After all, this is no more than the individual’s own personality, which can completely fall in love without even realizing it. In general, the most fun and happy people tend to seem more attractive.
  • The personal image: a good genetics is not going to make us eat the world that easy. You can be very handsome or pretty, but if personal care is not followed personally, you are likely to lose all that charisma.These cares can improve the physical attractiveness of any individual, be more or less handsome. It is also a way of defining our personality through dress, hairstyle, perfume … and this gives a lot of information to other people.
  • The circumstances: many times a person is not attractive or interesting at first, but as time goes by and we know better, begin to come up feelings that we had not imagined. A coworker, a neighbor, a friend far away or that we have not seen for some time … if that person shows affection and affection, and we spend happy moments with her, the bond that is created is so strong that it wakes us up an attraction and a desire that can only be equated with true love.
  • The coincidences: are those similarities or characteristics that we have in common with the other person and that can help us to awaken that romantic interest for her. Age, level of education, values, tastes … are some of these coincidences.
  • Reciprocity: sometimes difficult to understand or overcome, but we can not like everyone, let alone a specific person. But the truth is that if we usually feel attracted to those individuals who also like.
  • Smell: this is another of the most determining factors since it is what we call “chemistry”, that inexplicable connection with someone we just know. Here pheromones play a prominent role because each body emits a unique and characteristic smell that we can perceive through the nose. In this personal smell are impregnated the pheromones, those chemicals that increase the attraction or sexual desire and that are able to determine who we can fall in love, provoking in us a “crush”. Pheromones can act at a distance and in very small quantities, even at molecular doses. They create an instinctive communication channel that can not be stopped.

The so-called sex appeal pheromones in humans play a very significant role because they can even help detect the fertile stage of women, for example.

The best known are the so-called AND (male androstadienone) and EST (female stratetraenol). DNA is a derivative of testosterone and EST is an estrogenic substance. In many studies, it has been shown that if these synthesized pheromones are applied to the skin, the sexual attraction in the other person is increased. In addition, homosexual women and men also have a specific effect, since the brain of homosexual men reacts like that of heterosexual women, and the brain of homosexual women reacts like that of heterosexual men. Therefore, it can be confirmed that human pheromones are specific to each sex and, therefore, to each sexual orientation.
The main conclusion could be that androstadienone indicates greater masculinity to heterosexual women and homosexual men; just as estratetraenol indicates greater femininity to heterosexual men and homosexual women. In addition, both substances can improve the mood of the recipient individuals.
On the other hand, it has also been studied thoroughly if one of the effects of pheromones is to improve mood and, although the results are not entirely conclusive, the truth is that there is a direct relationship between pheromones and happiness. The major problem in arriving at a final conclusion is that mood has a subjective component that is far greater than physiological activation. In happiness also interfere the levels of some hormones in the blood and, therefore, it is complicated to measure what is the degree of relationship between the application of synthetic pheromones and the improvement of mood.
Several scientists have discovered that the mood can communicate through some chemical compounds that are located in the sweat of the armpits, both men, and women. For this study, the sweat was collected from some individuals while watching funny videos or horror videos. As a result, women were able to recognize the sweat flasks of those people who had seen the video fun, and the men also did the same but less correctly, because they recognized the flasks especially when the sweat came from women but not of men.
Other research has shown the direct relationship between underarm chemicals and increased serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is linked to well-being, happiness, and positive feelings. Therefore, pheromones can keep moods under control, since a serotonin deficiency can cause an episode of depression.

Types and effects of synthetic pheromones

Human beings communicate mainly by personal image and verbal and gestural communication. But, as we have seen throughout the article, there is another channel based on pheromones that captures the vomeronasal organ. Their main mission is to send signals and attract our potential partner, making us more attractive to others. Pheromones also have numerous applications in the industry, especially to make cosmetic products.
The smell, the makeup, the hairstyle, the dress or the attitude are elements that can change the way in which we are perceived by the other individuals. But pheromones are also an unconscious medium of communication to highlight personality, as users of synthetic pheromones become more visible and attractive to those around them. Therefore, the first impression of people who know each other at a particular time and place may change thanks to pheromones: in the eyes of women, men will appear more virile and attractive; and women will look more attractive in the eyes of men.


Pheromones enhance natural sexual attractiveness.
People who secrete a higher pheromone concentration have been shown to tend to elicit a much greater sexual attraction in their potential partners and, moreover, are more respected by the rest of individuals of the same sex.
But pheromones, although their main role is sexual in humans, are also a key piece to indicate trust, social image, and even marriage. All these qualities are those that take into account the cosmetic industry to manufacture their chemicals that achieve a more effective stimulation with synthetic pheromones that make people more attractive and sensual. These products are usually perfumes and concentrate, but we can also find aftershaves, shampoos, moisturizers, air fresheners and even paper tissues with pheromones.

Synthetic pheromones, ie those that are included in cosmetic products like perfumes or concentrates, are substances that have been manufactured in the laboratory and mimic the effect of natural pheromones. They are only for external use, therefore they are included in perfumes or deodorants, for example. This type of products do not offer any contraindication and are totally effective, that yes, the same results do not occur in all the people since the pheromones act to a greater or smaller extent in each individual. In addition, it is usually much more favorable that there is a minimum previous attraction between two people so that the pheromones can offer all their potential for seduction.

The most used synthetic pheromones are Androsterone, Delta 16-OL, A-Keto and Estratetraenol.

Although there are much more:

  • Androsterone is considered the alpha male pheromone since it derives from testosterone and is very potent arousing sexual interest. It is found only in humans and makes men feel more secure and protected, while at the same time calm. In women, it improves their sense of humor and they feel more happiness.
  • The Delta 16-OL is the pheromone of communication, as it helps to gain confidence and fosters social relationships, making romantic feelings appear naturally.
  • For its part, A-Keto is the pheromone of love, as it relieves tensions and generates intense sexual attraction behaviors.
  • Estratetraenol is the female sex hormone related to estrogen. Sensuality and femininity increase noticeably and make people around more friendly. It has a relaxing effect on men and women.
  • Copulins is a pheromone that has been shown to be able to control to a certain extent the male brain and some behaviors in relation to the sexual behavior of men, making them more submissive. This chemical occurs naturally in the vagina, making men feel more sexual attraction and increase their testosterone significantly.
  • Androstenone is a pheromone found in the urine of men and women, but it predominates in men. It increases the security and confidence of men and that others have a much better impression of that person. It also favors the increase of sexual desire in the other individuals.
  • Androstenol is a pheromone very similar to Androstenone but more powerful. The problem is that its effect is 30% less durable.
  • Alpha-Androstenol is the pheromone of joy and good humor. It offers people a greater charisma and popularity because it makes others notice a friendly and lovable aura. The message that this pheromone sends is of youth, fertility, health and sexual attractiveness. When it is segregated by women, it causes sexual arousal in the recipient, greater physical attraction, and receptivity
  • Beta-Androstenol is a pheromone very similar to Alpha-Androstenol, but it is even more effective in favoring communication between people. It has a bonding action that promotes friendship and comfort. It propitiates that sense of connection at first sight.
  • The pheromone Androstadienone, also known as A1, greatly affects the area of the brain’s attention and social contact. In addition, it has been shown to stimulate the vomeronasal organ intensively. It is used primarily by men to attract homosexual women or men. In the receiver causes an increase in good mood and affectionate affections, and even calms stress.

Among all the products with pheromones that we can find in the market, the most common are to acquire perfumes or concentrates. There are several brands that offer products with pheromones for both men and women. These are some of them:

  • Phiero is a product line with pheromones with a wide variety of perfumes for men and women, as well as a concentrate (the most powerful on the market, since its concentration, is 20% in pheromones when most perfumes are between 5% and 6%). The duration of these perfumes is up to 10 hours on the skin. Pheromone concentrate can last up to 2 weeks on clothing. The Phiero brand is one of the best value in the market since it offers only quality products and synthetic pheromones that really work. The elaboration of each perfume and concentrate is carried out following exhaustive scientific tests that make Phiero effective in any person and much more durable than other brands.
  • Love Scent is a range of perfumes with pheromones for both men and women. Also, offers the version without perfume and its effect lasts about 6 hours. This brand has several products such as perfumes and concentrates, but their prices are quite high. Likewise, there are aromas for all tastes and needs.
  • TwoForMen is another of the brands that offer products with pheromones, but in this case only for men. It only has one type of perfume with citrus and cinnamon smell and its duration is between 8 and 10 hours. The number of pheromones used to make this product is lower than in other brands.
  • Androvita is a line of perfumes with pheromones for men and women, both heterosexual and homosexual. The perfume of man has a citrus scent and that of a woman has a mixture of natural essential oils of flowers and woods, with notes of mandarin and bergamot. The duration of the pheromones of these products is about 9 hours.
  • Alpha Dream is another product range with pheromones for men and women and is composed of different perfumes with fragrances for all tastes or without added aromas. Its duration is more than 6 hours and the price is also quite superior to other brands like Phiero, for example, which is the most similar to Alpha Dream in terms of product offerings.

The biggest difference between a perfume with pheromones and a concentrate of pheromones is that perfumes contain added flavors and their concentration in pheromones is usually lower, as well as their effect. Concentrates, on the other hand, have no added fragrance, they only offer the intense smell of the pheromones and can be mixed with the usual perfume, besides having a higher concentration and being more powerful.

On what occasions is it better to use synthetic pheromones?

Although the products with pheromones can be used daily, there are special occasions in which it is even more advisable to apply them:

  • One of the most logical uses is when we go to parties or to discos, since these are very crowded places and, normally, are small spaces in which we cross several times with the same people. The perfumes or concentrates with pheromones can work very well in these cases since the optimal conditions are given in addition to the people are usually more predisposed to flirting. For these cases, the Phiero brand, for example, has perfumes with pheromones in roll-on format, very useful and comfortable, since they can be carried in your purse or pocket and used at any time.
  • In the first few appointments can also be a point in favor of products with pheromones. They will be extra help to feel relaxed and confident, and to a certain extent increase the power of seduction. After all, on a first date the first step has already been overcome, that is, there are a certain mutual interest and minimal attraction. It is also a way to improve the first impression the other person had on us. If this impression was already good, this time it will be even better. The appointment will end in an excellent way because thanks to the pheromones the connection will be unique.
  • It is also recommended to use the products with pheromones with the couple. Even if it is a formal and longtime partner, it is okay to give it an extra point of seduction and excitement to the relationship from time to time. Do not turn off the flame of passion.

Although these are the best times to use pheromone products, it is also interesting to know the best way to take the initiative, as we will feel more secure with these chemicals.

Well, there are many people who experience a terrible timidity when it comes to approaching another that attracts them or with which they want to start a conversation because they do not even know since they are afraid to make a fool of themselves or be rejected, ultimately translates into insecurity. These people lack the social skills necessary to enter into new relationships.

Pheromones can help in this task, but it is advisable to know some basic steps for the result to be expected. The first thing is to be aware that it is necessary to leave the comfort zone to meet new people, otherwise, pheromones will not be able to do much for us. You have to feel confident about yourself, to show that attraction and confidence to others to see the real person that we are, sexy and fun. By overcoming fears and insecurities, individuals will enjoy better relationships and higher quality, as no excuses will be necessary. It is necessary to practice little by little following some advice:

  • Come soon, do not hesitate too: if you find a person that attracts you, initiates a subtle approach, if you take too much is likely to end up again fears and nerves or that you are another person.
  • Control posture and gestures: body posture can indicate both nervousness and security, therefore, what interests you is to show that you are a very confident and energetic person. Keep head up and back straight and control body language.
  • Do not think about the result before trying to approach. Do not go ahead of events or show anxiety, because you will not know how to respond to the actions of the other person. If there is finally a rejection, do not take it too seriously, do not worry or crumble, maybe there was that chemistry we’ve been talking about.

Anyway, it is about relaxing gradually during the whole process, there are no magic formulas, it is simply necessary to show what each one is, but to really show it, being sincere and leaving aside the fears. The flirting is something that we have innate, although it costs to get it, you just have to let go and enjoy the moment, last long or last a little.

What if you dare to attend a pheromone party?

In relation to where, how and when to use perfumes with pheromones or concentrates, there are certain events that gather people willing to link in a slightly different way. That is, it is about pheromone-based binding but without judging the visual appeal.
Since the sight is not the only meaning that helps us to choose the person we like, at these parties is given vent to smell. And is that the body odor sometimes gives us much more information than we think and is sometimes more important than the physical appearance itself when it comes to attracting someone unknown. Pheromones are quite responsible for determining the compatibility of a potential partner.
As a result, a new fashion has appeared: pheromone parties. These events emerged in California in 2012 and have been spreading throughout the US and Europe. In these parties, it is very likely to find an ideal partner or as close as possible, as it is chosen through the smell. Participants simply have to carry a white cotton t-shirt (no prints to influence tastes) in a bag with which they have slept for at least a couple of nights. In this way, the sweat and, therefore, the own smell of each person will have impregnated in the fibers of the fabric.
It is also important not to go to the party with deodorant or perfume. The bags are numbered with the same number of each participant and are exposed during the party so that everyone can smell them and check if they are attracted by some particular smell. If a person wants to meet the owner of a T-shirt, he or she will have to lift the bag, a photo will be made and the person will wait for the person to look for the number and approach to start a conversation. It is a good alternative for all those who are too shy.
Judith Prays is the creator and pioneer of the pheromone parties. She argues that it is one of the most effective methods to link because the couples that form in these events are more likely to build a true and lasting love based on chemistry. The success of romantic relationships resides, to a great extent, in the sense of smell, since it is the main channel of information and directly influences social behavior.
But these conclusions also have their scientific basis. In a study conducted by several researchers from the University of Dresden and Gothenburg, it was shown that people with an undeveloped sense of smell have to suffer socialization problems and carry out fewer relationships as a couple throughout their lives. People who can not smell body information are not able to correctly identify the emotional signals of their partners.

Beware of false pheromones

Although the effect of pheromones is very powerful, it is necessary to make sure to buy products that offer and contain real pheromones and high quality, because the scams and fakes can be found anywhere.

Therefore, there are some tips that can be carried out to try to identify if a perfume or concentrate contains real pheromones or not:

  1.  The first, and most important, is to investigate a little before buying any product that will ensure extraordinary results. The idea is to go to professional web pages that offer some type of security and guarantees, both of product, as payments and shipments. Sites that do not offer too much confidence are best discarded immediately. In this sense, Phiero and Alpha Dream are two of the brands that offer the most security as well as quality certificates.
  2. It is also advisable to know if the product, whether perfume, cologne, concentrate or another type of cosmetic, has been developed in laboratories thanks to teams of experts in pheromones. This is important because a product designed with the collaboration of scientists and experts in sex and attraction chemistry will be much more effective in achieving positive results.
  3. To avoid unpleasant surprises, a good advice is to buy only products that contain the most popular pheromones on the market, such as Androsterone and its derivatives, and Estratetraenol, for example. In addition, the higher the concentration in pheromones compared to other ingredients, the more effective the product in question. Phiero Xtreme concentrate, for example, has 20% of pheromones, a figure well above the rest of competitors.
  4. It is convenient to read about the tests carried out to test the product and to verify its effectiveness. Normally, studies must be carried out in different environments and situations with real personnel. These results may give us a much clearer idea of what we can achieve by recurring use of the synthetic pheromones of such cosmetics.
  5. Choose the smell or scent that you like or resemble the fragrances you usually use. Male products often have an odor of citrus and wood, as well as the amizcle; and feminine products often offer a mixture of floral aromas. If you do not want to change the perfume, then you must acquire a pheromone concentrate that can be mixed with perfume or cologne to continue having the same body odor as always.
  6. Regarding the type of pheromones that the product has in its composition, choose the one that offers the results you want, since each type of pheromone generates different benefits in the person and all kinds of reactions in the receiving individuals. Find out about the function of each pheromone to know if you will achieve the effect you want.
  7. Another important point is to know the determined duration of each product since there are pheromones that volatilize before or after others. A quality cosmetic, such as perfumes and pheromone concentrates, should offer a duration of at least 6 hours on the skin and several days on clothes. If the effects disappear before, then start discarding that product. The same goes for the price, a quality cosmetic is never going to be cheap, but neither does it need to be extremely expensive. Looking for an intermediate price, always valuing the value for money.
  8. Likewise, any quality perfume must meet certain characteristics, otherwise, it is likely that we will find a counterfeit before. The vessel or boat must be formed by a single piece of glass and this must be smooth, especially the base of it. The dispenser and tube should work perfectly without getting stuck. The perfume box will have some quality and the letters can be read easily, they will not be blurred. By law, inside or outside you will find a label detailing the ingredients, as well as a barcode.

Tips for using perfumes and pheromone concentrates:

Not only do we have to choose a perfume that we like, we also need to know what is the best way to use it:

  • It is advisable to apply the product in the so-called hot areas, ie where there is a better circulation of blood (wrists, neckline, nape and even temples). It is not necessary to apply the perfume in all areas at the same time, it is not advisable to abuse.
  • Although oily skin has many drawbacks, as far as perfume is concerned they have a great advantage, since the odor lasts much longer in them. To also last longer on dry skin, one tip is to apply moisturizer before the perfume.
  • If we do not want to have an intense aroma, the ideal is to vaporize perfume in the air and go through the cloud of odor that comes off. This method is very useful when we want to use very strong perfumes.
  • If we are going to attend a public event with a lot of people, it is advisable not to perfume too much, because, no matter how much we like our aroma, this may not be pleasant for everyone.
  • Never take perfume before sunbathing, as stains may appear. The perfume can be replaced in these cases by light refreshing water colonies.
  • Once you apply perfume to the skin, do not rub it to absorb it, since we can alter its aroma or even the pheromones, if it includes them.
  • You should never mix several perfumes at a time, as the result can be quite unpleasant.
  • A good tactic for good smell to last longer is to apply perfume on clothing (on hems for example). The fabrics keep the smell very well, although care must be taken not to leave stains.
  • It all happens to us, when we always use the same perfume, with the passage of time it seems that we no longer perceive it. Exactly this is what happens, three months or so our perfume goes unnoticed for us and our partner. The sense of smell reacts with the news, therefore, to increase our appeal it is convenient to change the perfume every so often, although then we will use the previous one.

There are also some practices that can help us increase the production of pheromones naturally.

For example:

  • To maintain sexual relations of assiduous way. If they are carried out at least once a week, the production of pheromones will increase considerably.
  • During sex, practicing oral sex is much more effective in increasing the amount of secreted pheromones.
    Practicing exercise every day also favors the stimulation of the apocrine glands (which are those that produce pheromones). In sport we will sweat more and, therefore, the production of these chemicals will be encouraged.
  • Consume foods containing zinc such as dark chocolate, squash, celery, oysters, nuts, and peanuts, low-fat meat, spinach, cinnamon, mushrooms, etc. For some reason, it will be that many of these foods are considered”aphrodisiacs”. The truffle also causes pheromones to be released after eating. In general, it is advisable to follow a diet rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables, and low in fat.

  • Licorice, in particular, has some very curious properties, since it increases estrogen, increases blood pressure and improves the circulation of the erogenous zones of women.
  • The deodorant helps us keep the odor of sweat under control, but if it has too strong a fragrance, it will also neutralize the pheromones. The idea is to use odorless products that control perspiration but leave our own body odor intact.
  • It is also not advisable if you want to increase the production of pheromones, remove the sweat immediately from the body. Provided it is not excessively abundant and with an unpleasant odor, nothing happens to leave the body sweat.

With the passage of time and different studies and trials, it was found that synthetic pheromones not only improve the social life of people who use them but also have a strong effect on the ability to increase self-confidence. Many scientific investigations have shown that pheromones manage to modify the mental state and the functioning of the human brain. Pheromones can influence mainly in two fields: the mood of the people around us and the mood of the individual who uses synthetic pheromones.

Science research behind pheromones

There are numerous studies that support and demonstrate the effect of synthetic pheromones of the attraction of humans:

  • A study from the University of Chicago scientifically proves the existence and effects of human pheromones, although it is not as powerful an effect as in other animal species.
  • San Francisco State University has also conducted a study that shows that synthetic pheromones favor intimate contact between men and women.
  • Another study published in the journal Current Biology, led by the psychologist of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wen Zhou, shows that the nose, and in particular the vomeronasal organ, can identify the sex of other individuals through pheromones.

All the disciplines (chemistry, biology, genetics, sociology, psychology, sexology …), have done hundreds of studies about human pheromones and have been able to demonstrate – not in a forceful way – that love exists at first sight. And is that the sense of smell and in particular the OVN are very complex, while for the reception of light through the sense of sight act about 300 genes, to perceive the odors need about 1,000.
All studies have been carried out in many different ways, but always with the same conclusion: people were attracted to those who had used the pheromone perfume, although they were not able to explain why. The body odor is much more erotic than we imagine, even people who suffer from lack of smell (anosmia), usually indicate that they also suffer from a lack of libido.Male pheromones (that is, those that secrete men) are good for women’s health, as they improve fertility, control their menstrual cycles and soothe the symptoms of menopause. This is the conclusion of the studies of specialists such as the biologist and endocrinologist Winnifred Cutler, one of the most outstanding researchers on these substances, which make it clear that the attraction between men and women is a matter of chemistry rather than physics.
But that chemistry does not only depend on having a good nose, nor on tracing the body odor of the other person inch by inch. The truth is that the smell of pheromones is not always consciously experienced, it is the operation of the vomeronasal organ, which is the only one able to perceive these subtle stimulations.

In conclusion, we can confirm the existence of human pheromones and the vomeronasal organ, but each individual’s detected a greater or lesser extent and, therefore, the effect is not always the same.

Products containing synthetic pheromones really work, but, as we said, the receiving ability of these chemicals is different in every human being, so the so-called “love at first sight” can occur only in certain cases. Yes, pheromones contribute their grain of sand to make it easier to find our perfect partner.
All the studies that have been developed to date suggest that human pheromones can communicate information about sexual compatibility between individuals, in addition to sexual orientation and gender. These substances affect the human being physically and unconsciously.
Many people do not like to know that our body processes as much data involuntarily and uncontrollably, but we must remember that the human being (in terms of adaptation and survival) needs to reproduce to have offspring and pheromones help us in choosing the best couple according to genetics. Actually, these mechanisms make our sensory skills improve and we can make better decisions. After all, it is another way of communicating.

Pheromone perfumes tricks to apply

There are opinions on pheromone perfumes for all tastes, but most people think that pheromone lotions are very effective and achieve the goal of increasing sexual attraction in addition to self-confidence.

Use with your partner

These products are sold more and more and can be used with the partner to maintain that union or to promote sexuality and attraction. It’s a fun way to seduce and conquer the other by maintaining a constant game of attraction, fun, and passion.

On key dates like Christmas

Likewise, many people use them as a trick to call on dates designated as Christmas, time of year in which we propose a change of life or start the year with a good foot. So, what better way to flirt on New Year’s Eve or find the love of your life in one of the many celebrations that are celebrated in dates so marked?
For this reason, Christmas is a key time to use fragrances with pheromones, no one will notice that you wear them except you, you will feel safer and you will see how others will notice that attraction to you.

In a disco

One of the impediments for many people when it comes to flirting is the insecurity or shyness to talk to that person we like. Perfumes with pheromones help us to gain safety and forget about those fears or doubts as we feel more attractive and with the conviction that we are going to become irresistible for that person that we have the eye.

On a first date

The first impression is always the most important. If you want to seduce from the moment one, try using these perfumes on a first date with the person you like. In addition to being more sure of yourself, you will feel as that person also notices that it increases your attraction towards you. Everything so that the evening becomes perfect and there is a second appointment where you can continue to demonstrate your best charms.

The best trick

But one of the tricks of flirting with pheromones is that their perfumes not only have a scientific effect but help the wearer to feel greater security, personal attractiveness, confidence in their possibilities and increased self-esteem that are summarized in a greater number of sexual relations.