Looking For Science Proven Pheromones for Gay Men?


Gay men are more likely to respond to male sex pheromones than they are to female ones Vice.com

Androstadienone – Main Male Sex Pheromone

Pure Androstadienone Pheromone (5ml)

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Androstadienone is one of the most well researched pure pheromones in Love Scent  product line. It is used in most commercial pheromone products, as well as popular personal hygiene products such as body wash. Androstadienone is naturally found in the sweat of human males and has been shown to have a profound effect on the emotions of both men and women. The man who use androstadienone report self-effects such as elevated mood.

Studies have shown that gay men find men more attractive when under the effects of androstadienone. These effects have caused androstadienone to be referred to as the “love pheromone” by many users. If you’re looking to strengthen a current relationship or find a new one, androstadienone can be a great addition to your personalized pheromone mix.

If you’re a pheromone expert and would like to try your hand at making your own pheromone-infused fragrances, androstadienone can be a great addition to your lab. Each 5ml bottle of androsteNONE contains a guaranteed 5mg dry weight of pure androstadienone pheromones

Manufacturer: Love Scent Inc.


Publication About Androstadienone Role For Gay

The researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that the brains of gay and bisexual men responded positively when exposed to the pheromones found in semen and male sweat, known as androstadienone. Winq.com

…gay men had the same response as heterosexual women when they smelled androstadienone and perceived the figures as masculine…  Mambaonline.com  

“We were able to demonstrate qualitatively that androstadienone signals masculinity to heterosexual males and homosexual males, whereas estratetraenol signals femininity to heterosexual males, without the recipients being aware of the odors,” Zhou wrote in a study about his findings, published in Cell. “Importantly, the specific sexual information conveyed by androstadienone and estratetraenol strongly supports them as human sex pheromones.”

Results also showed that the gay men, when exposed to andrstadienone, perceived the figure as a man. www.testshock.com