The Power of Pheromones

It’s no secret that the VNO or vomeronasal organ (small two-pit organ in the nasal hole) plays an essential role in identification of the airborne chemicals, also known as pheromones perception. Many scientists studied this physical process before and still go on with this research.

First of all, let’s take a look at the physiological structure of this organ as a whole. The passage Nerve O is continued by vomeronasal organ. They lead to a brain part called limbic region bending the olfactory cortex. Those nerves were considered to be inactive all the time, but it was proved otherwise. Being subjected to the slight electrical impulses relevant for pheromones, they are rendered active, so we definitely react to the pheromones.

Our vomeronasal organ under the pheromones influence sends a signal to the brain part called a “seat of emotions”, which can control our feelings and sexual desires.
At the point when the amount of pheromones reaches its peak, dopamine revealing process takes place. This leads to first sight love, long time affection about something among other phenomena. It is not a mere notion as far as it was documented in scientific researches.

We Are Unaware about Pheromones Power

In comparison to animals, humans were supposed to be less perceptive in terms of smell senses, but this still does not change a fact that a smell is a very important aspect in mating and other related processes.
Although people do usually use verbal and visual image in their interactions, including sexual one, they still are very likely to be influenced by the smell, while being close to each other. Smell impacts more than the verbal or other forms factors when you come closer, and it is an undeniable fact.
Let’s get back to our brain again. Taking into account the latest studies, when the smell passes to the olfactory cortex and is processed by brains, the impulse is sent to the limbic region. In that exact region an emotional and sexual reaction occurs. This process is immediate, and it usually takes a few seconds, but can last for a long time. That is why such biochemical signs are hard to predict and evaluate, while our brain does it perfectly.

Marriage Problem: Keep Calm You Are Not Alone

Marriage — is a very predictive way of living; so couples are constantly trying to introduce something new for a change. One of the ways to do it is using pheromones.
40 million Americans lead a sexless relationship; hence, it we can assume there is a problem. Keeping silence is also not an option; that is why we should be more inventive. Single people tend to use pheromones while searching for relationships, so why married people should not do the same. There is a small percentage of married couples that use it too, and they are reported to have brought their relationships to another level.
Problem of sex starvation for one partner can be a norm for another, and it usually creates a conflict. Neglecting the partner’s desire does not lead to resolving the issue. In this case, pheromones can be a good idea since this solution helps maintain the flame and a solid bond between lovers.
Raising the sexual drive and flirting can also lead to better outcomes of using pheromones. Sex starvation in marriage is unpleasant, and sometimes low sexual desire is connected with constant stress and suppressed mood, not with absence of love or happiness in marriage.

One Letter Makes Difference

Androstenone vs. Androsterone

Precision in studying pheromones makes the difference: misspelling only one letter can change everything. Androstenone and Androsterone are two good examples of it.
Pheromone Androstenone is relevant for both males and females, mostly inherent to men pheromone. It bares rather ‘totalitarian’ or even aggressive character. Males with strongly expressed Androstenone send a sign to the opposite sex and catch their attention.
On the other hand, Androsterone pheromone is very common for women, so it takes place in the women characteristics.

Androstenol Is about Comfort

It is about first impression. It is used in the meaning of comfort while people communicate. In terms of its application,

Androstenol is the one which gives comfort. Social environment gains friendly and reliable ambience due to its input. Having a conversation becomes easier, because Androstenol creates a certain empathy between people, so they can feel each other’s mood better.

This pheromone is a source of attraction and enjoyable feelings, rather than Androstadienone, which, as was mentioned above, has a dominant influence. So far, they are very balanced being combined together and more powerful in terms of sexual appeal.

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Oxytocin Is about Trust

As long as two previous pheromones are about people creating an impression on each other and attracting the opposite sex, Oxytocin is about trust. It is a well-known pheromone inherent to pregnancy. Birth of a child bares different kinds of social waves, though not less powerful. It is actually connected not only to the childbirth, but the relationship as well. Hence, it can improve even a career and interpersonal communication skills, as it evolves trust so far.

This pheromone (Oxytocin) was considered to be only related to pregnancy, but the latest research has brought new perception of the topic. Social solid bonds are directly connected with this substance.

So, this is how Oxytocin is made and how it occurs:

  1. Created directly in the brain and then pumped into the blood.
  2. Created by neurons and revealed in the brain parts as well as in spinal cord.

It is highly connected with emotional splashes we get (it can be anything). It is considered to help people with anxieties (it can be sociophobia or any kind of misanthropy).
In spite of pheromones release and its influence on our life, you still should remember that long-term trust is gained due to constant work and should be assumed as a personal gain rather that pheromone ‘impact’.